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KELLYberg Tuba Mouthpieces Springtime-Colors SPECIAL - $23

KELLYberg Tuba Mouthpieces
Springtime-Colors! - $23
Save $11 each! Get that
KELLYberg you've always
wanted! Four solid colors
available, only $23 each!

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TurbOblow Mouthpieces

Get TWISTED with our new
TurbOblow mouthpieces!

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KELLY Stainless-Steel French-Horn Mouthpieces

KELLY Stainless-Steel
French-Horn Mouthpieces - $117

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Best price ever! Large-shank KELLY-51D Crystal-Purple Trombone/Euphonium BLOWOUT - $19 Each! Feel the comfort!

KELLY-51D Crystal-Purple
BLOWOUT! - $19 Each

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Who's Playin' 'Em?

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The Purdue "All American" Marching Band baritone section with White Wedding KELLY Mouthpieces!

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Stuart Garside of Liberty Skank sent us this video and quote: "Very happy with my Kelly trombone mouthpiece - it's the only thing I play now."

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Kind Words

Ok. I will be completely honest. I used to be one of those guys that said, "Plastic mouthpieces? How can they be any good?" Well, I was wrong. Completely wrong, and now I am one of KELLY Mouthpieces' biggest fans.

Why? For the simple reason that different jobs require different tools. I personally find KELLY lexan mouthpieces to be very comfortable on my chops in all playing.

KELLY Mouthpieces also resist changes in temperature, unlike brass mouthpieces. If you are playing in HOT or COLD situations this is a huge benefit!

KELLYs are also a "face-saving" solution to allergy problems. Many people have nickel, silver, brass, or gold allergies and standard plated mouthpieces irritate the players' chops or even leave a rash. KELLYs pass this test with flying colors (pun intended).

Another great benefit is the price! A new KELLY Tuba Mouthpiece retails for $34, which is one-third the price of a new brass mouthpiece. Kelly offers four tuba sizes: 18, 24AW, 25, and KELLYberg.

Does a plastic mouthpiece seem silly? Yes. Does it seem sillier in a strange color? Oh yeah...But don't let folks keep you from trying a quality KELLY Mouthpiece! Pick one up and try it against its brass counterpart. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

I have a KELLY-18 Glow-in-the-Dark (make all the jokes you want) tuba mouthpiece. For full disclosure, I do not work for KELLY and am not paid in any way to write this. I honestly like their gear! Try a KELLY today!

Kevin Stiles - Brass Repair Technician / Tuba Performer - Wichita, Kansas