Frequently Asked Questions About KELLY Mouthpieces

How do KELLY Mouthpieces compare to old-fashioned brass mouthpieces?

  • More comfortable!
  • Feel is softer & warmer!
  • Response & sound are the same!
  • Price is FANTASTIC!
  • Colored, too!

How durable are KELLY Mouthpieces?
Our Lexan material is virtually indestructible! Won't scratch the rim or dent the shank if dropped! Same material as bulletproof glass & safety eyeglass lenses!

I'm a bit skeptical of these colorful KELLY Mouthpieces...
Of course you're skeptical. For over 100 years we've all come to know brass. Don't let the color fool you - we have a high quality mouthpiece with a NEW & REVOLUTIONARY design and construction! But, the best proof is: Try one for yourself!

Why are KELLY Mouthpieces better for outdoor playing?
The material does NOT conduct cold or heat like brass mouthpieces. The temperature remains neutral to inclement conditions!

Why are KELLY Mouthpieces colored?
Why NOT?! Never before could you play mouthpieces with your school colors, corps colors, or favorite colors. Now you can!

Where are they made?
They are made entirely in Wisconsin, USA!!