Meet the KELLY family!
Our 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel family
of high-precision mouthpieces, that is!

KELLY Mouthpieces

Solid 1-piece Models


2-piece Interchangeable Models

KELLY’s craftsmen have forty years of expertise in precision-turning and produce the highest-precision mouthpieces in the world!

Brass players currently enjoy their Lexan KELLY Mouthpieces!

KELLY produces another "feel" with their exacting designs in 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel!

Why 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel?

  1. Great feel - extremely smooth surface finishes are acquired with the most dense, hard, 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel available anywhere! Worldwide, only KELLY offers this superb material!
  2. World's finest high-precision mouthpieces - CNC machined from a solid bar of 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel. No plating - No chipping - No worn plating - Ever. Solid to the core!
  3. Hypo-allergenic - like KELLY's Lexan material, 316-Surgical-Stainless-Steel is used extensively in the medical field for its inert properties! No allergic reactions!
  4. Fantastic response - excellent response whether playing extremely soft or full!
  5. Proudly made by KELLY in the USA! (Wisconsin!)