KELLY-Shew-Jazz Trumpet Mouthpieces Signature Series

KELLY-Shew-Jazz Trumpet Mouthpieces Signature Series

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Bobby Shew wails with his Crystal-Clear KELLY-Shew-Jazz mouthpiece!

Says Bobby, "This mouthpiece is a great copy of my Yamaha Jazz piece which is "close" to a Bach 3D with a much more responsive backbore, better for jazz playing. I play it because it feels quite a bit more comfortable on my chops, softer to the touch , and I know that I get a much warmer sound on it than the brass version. In addition, I love never having to really "warm it up" before starting to buzz or play!"

KELLY'S first signature-series mouthpiece - the KELLY-Shew-Jazz trumpet mouthpiece!

Bobby Shew is simply a master of his craft - jazz trumpet. His impeccable playing style and superb teaching skills are unparalleled. KELLY & Bobby have collaborated to produce their first signature jazz mouthpiece in comfortable Lexan material.

A must for all trumpet jazzers!


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